My Vision

Having lived 12 years of my life outside Pakistan and having had the opportunity to study at two of the finest universities in the world, I realize that far too many of us in Pakistan lack the things citizens of other countries take for granted. Many of my fellow citizens don’t have access to opportunities to better themselves economically; they can’t live healthy lives in peace and security, or get a decent education. There exists a chasm between the hope and opportunity I have so often seen outside Pakistan and the troubles and despondency I have seen within it. I see public service as a way to use my abilities, the privileges that I have, and the opportunities that have come my way, to help change the future of my country. To make Pakistan a country where every child has the right to live a healthy and carefree life, and the opportunity to grow up and become a citizen who has something to give back to society.

Public service is not an end in itself rather it is path towards the above destination. The day I sense I am no longer progressing towards this goal will be the day I leave the political arena. Until then I will serve Pakistan as best as I can.

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