The Senate of Pakistan

The Senate is the Upper House of Parliament, with the National Assembly comprising of the Lower House. The Senate has 104 members, and each Senator serves a six-year term. The Senate was created as a result of the 1973 Constitution. The Senate provides equal representation to each of the Federating Units, thereby providing a counter weight to the National Assembly where representation is on the basis of population, and so the Punjab, the largest province of the country has a numerical majority of seats. Both houses of Parliament have to pass Bills for the legislation to be enacted, except for the Money Bill, which is passed solely by the National Assembly. Senators are not directly elected.

Some useful links for those interested to learn more are:
(this is the official website of the Senate. Access speeds can sometime be quite slow!)

(this is the link to the Australian Senate website. I think this website can serve as a model for our own Senate, and I am working with our Senate Secretariat to put up a website that allows us to better meet the needs of our citizens and our parliamentarians)

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