About Me

I was born in Peshawar, Pakistan but have had the privilege of living in a diverse array of cities across the world. These include Abbotabad, Hangu, Kohat, Mardan (all in the former North West Frontier Province of Pakistan), Los Angeles, Montreal, Oxford and Palo Alto.

I returned to Pakistan in 1995, after getting my first degree and thereafter followed eighteen years of ups and down in business and political life. My earliest recollection of political life was tagging along as a sixteen year old with my father on the campaign trail in Lakki Marwat.

My mother always emphasized the role of education, and I have been fortunate enough to have studied at two incredible institutions. I received a Masters degree in Engineering and Economics from Christ Church, University of Oxford and Masters degree in Business Administration from Stanford University.

I was a decent tennis player till a few years ago, and enjoy the outdoors and long walks. When I have the time I enjoy reading about economics, finance, history, Islam, the history of the industrial revolution and biographies. I also have a deep interest in architecture and interior design.