My Business Interests

I have been associated with the Saif Group since 1995. The Saif Group is a diversified industrial and services conglomerate headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan. I have eighteen years of experience in a variety of strategic and operational roles which has given me real world experience and insight into the challenges of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. As a Senator I try and utilize this knowledge and bring my experience to bear in the committee work that we do.

However, my business interests could potentially create conflicts of interest. But there is a way to avoid these; I believe by exercising sound judgment and by being brutally open and transparent with my business I can remove any questions about my agenda. The presence of a vibrant and independent media also ensures that any conflict is likely to be picked up very soon. As someone who has recently embarked upon his political career, I would like to imagine I have a lot of reputational capital at stake and will always endeavour to discharge my responsibilities with a fiduciary mindset. I will regularly be updating my website to ensure full disclosure of my business interests.

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